Newborn Screening and Hearing


Passage of Senate Bill 1250 in April 2005 authorized Arizona to expand the panel of disorders for newborn screening and begin follow up services for newborns with possible hearing loss. Now 28 disorders are recommended for screening and follow up including newborn hearing loss. The new disorders recommended for screening include an additional 20 disorders identifiable through Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS) methodology and Cystic Fibrosis.

The categories of disorders that will are tested through MS/MS include Fatty Acid Oxidation disorders, Organic Acid disorders, and Amino Acidopathies beyond those currently tested. MS/MS testing not only offers expansion of the disorders that can be tested but improves the reliability of results.

The Arizona Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (AzEHDI) Program and Arizona’s hospitals have successfully partnered in the past years with the result that over 95% of Arizona’s newborns receive newborn hearing screening prior to discharge from hospital. Passage of Senate Bill 1250 now requires that newborn hearing screen results and subsequent tests be sent to the ADHS and maintained in a database. The ADHS provides follow up services for newborns who do not pass the hearing screening or return for rescreen, in order to ensure they have access to services for evaluation, specialty care, and early intervention.

Provider education on the new disorders, on newborn hearing loss and follow up for all screenings is available.

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