Talking with Teens, A Practical Approach to Screening Adolescents

Talking with Teens, A Practical Approach to Screening Adolescents
Web-Based Activity
November 2010

"Talking with Teens, A Practical Approach to Screening Adolescents" has been designed with the goal to promote healthy behaviors, enhance positive youth development and strengthen assets of adolescents through the use of screening tools. An e-learning educational format will be utilized.  A narrator will take you through the history and details of using screening tools with adolescents and two video clips will show you examples of using the screening tools with adolescents in clinical settings.  You should participate in this activity if you are a primary care physician serving adolescents, pediatric subspecialist, hospital and /or university faculty, resident, medical student, nurse practitioner, dental provider or other clinician that serves adolescents.

Karla L. Birkholz, MD – Medical Director, Arizona Collaborative for Adolescent Health

Healthcare Clinician Video Clip #1:
Pamela Murphy MD, FAAP-  Pediatrician

Healthcare Clinician Video Clip #2:
Anthony Dekker, DO-V.P. Medical Center Affairs, Brighton Hospital, Michigan

Expert Contributor:
Chantay Banikarim, MD, MPH

Additional Participants in video
Hayley Hilborn – Teen Video #1
Gabe Peterson – Teen Video #2
Janese Ritter – Mom Video #2
Pat VanMaanen – Mom Video #1


At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to:

*Please note that there is no fee for this online training. This has been developed by the Arizona Collaborative for Adolescent Health, a program of the American Academy of Pediatrics-AZ Foundation, through an unrestricted educational grant provided by the following organization:


 If you have any questions you can contact AzAAP via email at or by phone at 602-532-0137 ext 401.