Consent & Confidentiality in Adolescent Health Care

"Consent & Confidentiality in Adolescent Health Care" has been designed with the goal to develop, maintain and increase the knowledge, skills and professional performance of pediatric healthcare providers by providing them with the highest quality, most relevant and accessible educational experience possible. An e-learning educational format will be utilized. You should participate in this activity if you are a healthcare provider who serves adolescents: primary care pediatrician, family physician, pediatric subspecialist, hospital and/or university faculty, resident, medical student or nurse practitioner.

At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to:

  • Identify reasons for providing confidential care and allowing adolescent consent.
  • Describe when to provide confidential care and allow adolescent consent.
  • State how to provide confidential care and document adolescent consent.

This activity should take approximately 60-75 minutes to complete.

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